• Dancers must register for the full workshop experience. We don’t have a single class option.

• Dancers must sign in during the allotted registration time provided on your schedule. They will be given a wristband that allows them to participate in classes.

• Dancers will not be allowed in class if the do not have an appropriate wristband. Any

questions or issues regarding this on the day, must be directed to a member of staff


• Spectators may watch any classes, but it is our goal to create a focused and intimate class

experience. If there are any disruptions, you may be asked to leave.

• If dancers are competing for the RUSH REP scholarship, they must wear their number

throughout the entire day, except during the solo, duo or group competition.

• Photos/videos are allowed during classes, but please be mindful and respectful of the dancers

and faculty


• Entries must be submitted through our online registration

• If you have prop requests, you must notify us at registration - dancers or a school rep must put

prop on stage

• Dancers competing in our solo, duo or group competition must participate in the convention

classes (The Immersion). Although, dancers may participate in classes only, if they are not registered for the


• Entries may register as “Independent” if they’re not represented by a dance studio or school

• Last minute changes to entries must be submitted 72 hours prior to the event, or they will not be taken into consideration

• All music will be submitted online. Studio representatives must carry a second copy of the

music in case of technical difficulties - usb or device 

• Dancer’s must be entered in the age category that applies to their current age.

• Once an entry has paid, there will be no refunds

• Dance studios and schools will receive a tentative schedule and will have one week to submit any conflicts.

• Rush The Floor: An Improv Experience contestants must be registered for at least one dance in our group or solo competition

• All entries are on a first come, first served basis. We cannot overbook this event. 


Routine must show unique movement qualities, technique, and the dancers’ creative ability. Maximum of three acro tricks only.

Routine must include jazz dance and show technical excellence. Maximum of three acro tricks only.

Combines ballet and jazz techniques to portray a story or emotion. Maximum of three acro tricks only.

Routine must include commercial or street style movement. Breakdancing techniques are allowed, but maximum of five over head tricks only.

Routine must include ballet technique. This may be performed on demi pointe or pointe. No acro tricks allowed.

Routine that is unique and doesn’t fit into another style. We suggest if you have a modern dance that does not fit into contemporary, jazz or lyrical, that you place it in the open category. Maximum of 5 acro tricks only.

Combines acrobatics and dance movements. Acro tricks are to show a diverse range including flexibility, limbering, strength, balance and tumbling. Dancers will be scored equally on acro and dance abilities. -NO MATS, DANCERS ABILITY

Routine must contain tap technique, and highlight dancers’ rhythm and dynamics. Absolutely no pre-recorded tap sounds. No acro tricks allowed.


Solo: Maximum 1.5 minutes for Juniors & 2 minutes for Seniors

Group: Maximum 3.5 minutes



• RUSH gives a teacher’s package to each studio attending. Please pick this up as soon as you arrive on site! 

• Any issues or concerns should be directed to a member of our staff. However our adjudicators and teachers must not be approached regarding any issues or concerns under any circumstances

• All judges’ critiques and videos will be emailed after the event. Please ensure your address is correct when booking

• Our award session will take place at the end of the group competition. Dancers or a studio representative must be present during awards to retrieve any winnings.

• Photography and filming is strictly prohibited in the theatre during competition. We offer photos and videos to purchase at our merchandise table - you may film, and take photos during awards and immersion classes

• Dancers competing must be signed in at the venue before the commencement of the solo or

group competition and must be accompanied by a licensed chaperone with a ratio of 12-1. All chaperones must be DBS checked. 

• RUSH is not responsible for any loss or injuries that may take place during the convention

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